New York State Saengerbund
31 October 1897
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Deutscher Chorverbund

2017 Constitution and By-Laws

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2008 Constitution - 2014 Constitution Amendment

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2017 Constitution and By-Laws

This constitution and by-laws is a living document that reflects and defines the current state of the New York State Saengerbund. It has been amended, revised, and modified many times over our 120 year history of German choral singing by our member choruses throughout the state. The constitution contains the fundamental principles which govern our operation. The bylaws establish the specific rules of guidance by which we function.

After a year of development and review, it was ratified by the delegates attending the General Business Meeting at the Annual Convention in Binghamton, New York on 17 September 2017. The major updates include our current 2-Day Sängerfest process.

Herzlichen Dank to all the committee members for their thorough review and recommendations. We gratefully acknowledge former NYSSB Officer Dottie Birmingham, as our editorial advisor for her professional expertise in proofreading and editing.

Vielen Dank for your continued support, and collaboration.

Mit freundlichen Sängergrüßen und Kameradschaft,
verbleiben ich Euer Sängerbruder und Freund,

Hermann Koelmel,


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