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Sängerfest 2000

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Hosted by the
Buffalo Schwaben Chor
Karl F Schneider Jr, General Chairman

Einem Neuen Jahrhundert Entgegen
To Meet a New Century


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Sheraton Four Points Hotel
Base Site - Welcome Dance - Banquet

2040 Walden Avenue
Cheektowaga, NY 14225

(716) 681-2400

From the East (Mohawk & Hudson Valleys)

Take the New York State Thruway I-90 West to the Clarence Toll Plaza. After the toll plaza, the road then turns south. Continue to the second exit, Exit 52E (east). On Walden Avenue move into the center lane. The Sheraton Four Points Hotel should be in view. Use any of the parking lots.

From the West (Jamestown, Erie PA, etc.)

Take the New York State Thruway I-90 East to the Lackawana Toll Plaza. After the toll plaza, continue to the first exit, Exit 52E (east). On Walden Avenue move into the center lane. The Sheraton Four Points Hotel should be in view. Use any of the parking lots.

For more hotel information: Sheraton Four Points Hotel


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Mass Chorus Concert & Prize Singing

Amherst Middle School
55 Kings Highway
Amherst, NY 14226

Off Harlem Road between
Kensington Avenue & Main Street

From Sheraton Four Points Hotel:

  1. Turn right onto Walden Avenue head West. Stay in right lane and follow Walden Ave. for about a mile.
  2. Turn right onto Harlem Road, Route 240, North. Follow Harlem Road past St. Joseph's Hospital on right, across Genesee Street, past cemeteries on left and right, continue North, under Route 33 (Kensington Expressway), cross Cleveland Drive and Kensington Avenue (Jubilee Super Market on left, Hector's Hardware on right). Proceed to first traffic signal, which is Saratoga Road. (Church on northwest corner).
  3. Turn left onto Saratoga Road. Continue West and cross two streets (Mt Vernon and Washington). The school is on the right. Turn right into school parking lot (located behind school).

Mass Chorus Concert
8:00 P.M.
Amherst Middle School Auditorium

Jack Trenchard, Music Director
Susan Schneider, Piano Accompanist

The Mass Chorus Concert is open to the public and is presented by the combined choruses of the New York State Sängerbund with over 200 voices raised in German and American song. Advance tickets ($5.00) are available from any Buffalo Schwaben Chor member.

Mixed Chorus
American National Anthem
German National Anthem
Deutscher Sängergruss
German Singers' Greeting
Let There Be Music
Musik erfüllt die Welt
Music Fills the World
Die Ehre Gottes in der Natur The Glory of God from Nature
Edelweiss from "The Sound of Music" In English
Dear Land of Home

J S Smith - F S Key
Frances Williams
Walther Schneider
Ludwig van Beethoven
Rodgers & Hammerstein
Jean Sibelius

Men's Chorus
Kling auf, mein Lied Sound forth, my song
Schäfers Sonntagslied Shepherd's Sunday Hymn

Bernhard Weber
C. Kreutzer

Ladies Chorus
Kein schöner Land No Land More Beautiful
Im Frühtau zu Berge In the Early Mountain Dew

A.W. v. Zuzcalmaglio
arr. Heinrich Geiger

Mixed Chorus
Festgesang Festival Hymn of Praise from 'The Magic Flute'
Das Lied der Berge The Song of the Mountains
An die Freude To Joy
Battle Hymn of the Republic

W. A. Mozart
arr. Emil Rabe
Unknown Composer
arr. Peter J. Wilhousky


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Awards Ceremony
Sunday Brunch - Bundes Music Committee Meeting - Awards Ceremony

Spring Garden Park
3838 Two Rod Road
Marilla. New York
founded 1938

From Sheraton Four Points Hotel:

  1. Turn right onto Walden Avenue head West to the NYS Thruway I-90 (Exit 52).
  2. Take NYS Thruway I-90 West (toward Erie, Pa.) second entrance ramp. Proceed West on the thruway to Exit 54, Route 400 (Aurora Expressway).
  3. Travel East on Aurora Expressway eventually the road turns South. Continue to Big Tree Road exit at Route 20A (NOT Route 20 which comes first!).
  4. Turn left at bottom of ramp onto Route 20A East (Big Tree Road). Proceed a few miles until you go down a hill. At the bottom of the hill is a blinking yellow traffic light at Two Rod Road.
  5. Turn left onto Two Rod Road. Continue North about two miles on Two Rod Road to Spring Garden Park on the left. There is a sign for the park.

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Friday 16 June 2000 Willkommen

1:00 - 5:00 PM

Registration at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel Thruway (I-90) exit 52E
Lunch available at the hotel or at in the Walden Galleria Mall
(next to hotel).
Music in the lobby provided by the Rosengartners.

3:00 PM

Check-In at Sheraton begins. Note: rooms may not be ready prior to 3:00 PM

3:30-4:30 PM

Bundes Music Committee Meeting at Sheraton (McKinley Room - 1 St floor)

4:30 - 5:30 PM

Dinner may be purchased at the hotel, at local restaurants in area, or at the
Walden Galleria Mall
(next to hotel).

6:00 - 7:45 PM

Mass Chorus Concert Rehearsal at Amherst Middle School (15 minute drive).

8:00 PM

Mass Chorus Concert Public invited @ $5.00 per ticket.

9:30 PM-1:00 AM

Musik and Tanz in the Sheraton Grand Ballroom by the Ausländers.

Saturday 17 June 2000 Preissingen-Festmahl-Musik & Tanz

9:00 -4:00 PM

Prize Singing at Amherst Middle School. Rehearsal rooms and food/drink available.


Time to relax, go for a swim, and/or visit the Walden Galleria Mall.

7:00-9:00 PM

Banquet in Sheraton Grand Ballroom. Cash Bar.

9:00 PM-1:00 AM

Dance with Music by the Techniques.

Sunday 18 June 2000 Auf Wiedersehen

9:30AM - Noon

Bundes Music Committee Meeting at Spring Garden Park (20-30 minutes from hotel).

11:00AM-1:00 PM

Brunch in the Hall at Spring Garden Park (20-30 minutes from hotel).

Noon - 1:00 PM

Directors/ Adjudicators Meeting - - -Folksong Sing-Along in the Hall.

1:30 PM

Awards Ceremony and Closing Songs.


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Festdirigent Notes

The Festdirigent, Jack Trenchard, the director of the Buffalo Schwaben Chor and of the mass chorus concert on Friday, June 16 during Sängerfest 2000, presents the following suggestions and reminders:

Slight change on Beethoven number for Mass Chorus

One slight change in the Beethoven piece Die Ehre Gottes Aus Der Natur. At the bottom of the first page, right before the alto solo entrance, one measure of piano alone has been added. The altos will come in on the 4th beat of the newly added measure and should watch for this during the mass chorus concert rehearsal. Please advise your directors of this.

Arrangement of singers on the stage for Mass Chorus Concert

1. Facing the stage/risers and looking from the director's vantage point - starting at far left are the first sopranos. Next to them, the second sopranos. Third from left are the first basses, then the second basses. Fifth from the left are the first tenors, then the second tenors. Finally, the first altos and on the far right the second altos. Here's how it will look:

Stage - - - - Stage - - - - Stage - - - - Stage - - - - Stage

1st Sop - 2nd Sop - 1st Bass - 2nd Bass - 1st Tenor - 2nd Tenor - 1st Alto - 2nd Alto

Festdirigent . . . . [Piano]

2. In the middle of the concert, after the men have sung their 2 pieces (Kling Auf Mein Lied and Schäfers Sonntagslied), they will quietly exit the stage and wait on the side while the women sing their 2 numbers (Kein Schöner Land and Im Frühtau zu Berge). This will allow the director to bring the sopranos and altos together, since during the mixed numbers they are on the outside ends. When the women finish, they will separate and the men will return to the stage/risers for the final 4 mixed numbers.

Reminders from the Festdirigent:

1. Edelweiss is in English.

2. "In the beauty of the lilies" section of Battle Hymn, all voices will sing, not only men.


If you have any questions on any aspect of Sängerfest 2000, please call or e-mail Karl Schneider Jr., General Chairman at your convenience.


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Prize Songs

Please select one song in the categories in which you plan to compete. Remember that the point value of the song will be used in scoring and that value could significantly impact the overall score.

Some directors felt the songs highlighted in
RED were not eligible for various reasons. Please take under advisement.

Required Songs:


Die Fröhliche Jagd






Das Lieben Bringt Gross Freud'



Und wieder blühet die Linde



Optional Songs: MEN

Ahnen Gruss (Reske) - 2.9
Am schönen Rhein ( Hansen) - 2.4
Das Grab Auf der Heide ( Heiser) - 3.9
Der Fahrende Scholar (Hegar) - 3.6
Der Vögel Abschied ( Syre) - 2.8
Freunde, lasst uns fröhlich singen (Ophoven) - 2.2
Friede, der du von dem Himmel bist (Koester) - 2.7
Schicksalstrotz (Baumann) - 3.4
Schwarzwald-Wanderlied ( Sonnet) - 2.4
Stille (Kreis) - 3.0
Weihe des Gesanges (Mozart) - 2.4
Zum Wandertor hinaus (Volkslied/Bein) - 2.0

Optional Songs: LADIES

Auf einem Baum ein Kuckuck (Volkslied/Radermacher) - 3.3
Das Geheimnis (Blume) - 2.5
Das Lied der Berge (Ortelli/Rabe) - 2.3
Der Mond ist aufgegangen (Schulz) - 2.7
Der 23. Psalm (Klein) - 3.2
Die Nacht (Schubert) - 2.5
Die Schwalben (Smetana) - 2.7
Es war einmal ein Schneiderlein (Zoll) - 2.8
Frühlingsahnung (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy) - 3.0
Heideröslein (Schubert, Werner/Ochs) - 2.6
Heide-Röslein (Schubert) - 2.8
Im Abendrot (Schubert) - 3.2
In blauer Nacht (Geibel) - 3.2
Kleine Barke im Wind (Heinrichs) - 2.7
Komm Abendruh' (Reske) - 2.9
Mein Liebster hat mein Herz (Sturmer) - 3.4
Rosestock, Holderblüh (Reutter) - 3.3


An der Weser (Pressel) - 3.6
Auf, auf zum fröhlichen Jagen (Geiger) - 3.0
Der Frater Kellermeister (Kern) - 3.5
Der Glückliche (Mendelssohn) - 4.0
Die Forelle (Schubert) - 3.4
Es Waren Zwei Königskinder ( Reger) - 3.8
Es Zog manch Lied ( Dvorak) -3.2
Jagdlied (Mendelssohn) - 3.8
Lerchengesang ( Mendelssohn-Bartholdy) - 3.1
Schaffe in mir, Gott, ein rein Herz - Motet (Brahms) - 3.4
Teure Heimat (Verdi) - 3.3 [NEEDS ACCOMPANIMENT???]
Wenn alle Brünnlein fliessen ( Schroeder) - 3.0


Ach, ich hab' in meinem Herzen (Schultze) - 2.7
Auf, auf zum fröhlichen Jagen (Schemitsch) - 2.0
Im bunten Mantel zieht der Herbst (Pappert) - 2.0
In stiller Nacht ( Brahms) - 2.8
Jubilate, Jubilate (Volkslied) - 2.7
Mein Mädel hat ein Rosenmund (Schroeder) - 2.1
Morgenmusik (Rubben) - 2.8
Schifferlied (Silcher/Schelling) - 2.1
Wohlauf in Gottes schöne Welt (Volksweise/Geiger) - 2.3

Some directors felt the songs highlighted in RED were not eligible for various reasons. Please take under advisement.


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